Heading to London!

Thursday 3 April 2014. Celebrate Enterprise

It is  an annual event in Kingston university to celebrate success and achievement in entrepreneurship and enterprise. Also, Best Young Enterprise Teams 2014 would be announced in this ceremony.


Ruby McGregor Smith, the CEO of  MITIE, shared her experiences and ideas with the new entrepreneurs for encouraging them to create new businesses. However, there was filled with nervous atmosphere in the ceremony (Or they felt dizzy). All the young entrepreneurs expected to know who the winner is…  



Finally… le petit sac MADE IT !!!



We won two awards:

  • Best Young Enterprise Team 2014– lepetit shares this award with Bookworm. We are the two teams which will represent Kingston university to final Young Enterprise competition in May in Canary Wharf (on the other word, we won’t have the Easter holiday…).  
  • Dragons Den £3,000 Seed Money 2014- It means we have money to develop our business, refine the product and expect to take back our investments ( It is really a big money for us).

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I learn many skills during the process such as turning ideas into business, communications between team mates from different countries and making excellent presentation. There is no fashion designer in our team, owing to this, we make efforts on refining the smart clutch by communicating with the designers. It spent us a lot of time and money to find the appropriate supports especially in a foreign country. Secondary, we come from three different countries as well as endure the pressures from learning and life. In the process, we worked seriously, also, had serious arguments between us. But we dealt with them with a mature attitude. Moreover, Judy, the manager in le petit sac, she is a great presenter who shows me how to make persuasive and attractive pitching.

Now, we have new task-Heading to London for winning the final young enterprise award. It is stressful but exciting to see the best young entrepreneurs in the UK. We will have full supports from Kingston university. With their assistances and non-stop training, it is optimistic to have a great outcome!

GO! le petit sac 🙂

Bye-bye Easter holiday and keep working on… 🙂