Look the bright side of the darkness

I love ironic humour, especially sensitive issues about the public. To me, there is nothing can’t be discussed. I’m glad to know taboos are challenged since it might be harmful. But, why not in a humorous way? American adult animated sitcom may provides the solutions by making slight jokes to these issues. There are some animated sitcoms such as The Simpsons and South Park.


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I’d like to introduce Ugly Americans!


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The story of this animation bases on fictional New York City, which is inhabited by human, monster and other creators.  A man named Mark Lily, a social worker, who is employed at the Social Services Division of the Integration. This organisation specialises in the integration of the species which live in NYC.  

Main characters 

Mark Lilly- An innocent guy (but nearly stupid). He makes an effort to his job for solving the problems between the species such as koala man, fish man and robot in his department. However, he always messes up them. He lives with a zombie called Randall as well as has a complicated relationship with his immediate superior: Callie. By the way, Mark has a obsession of eggs… A LOT OF EGGS….


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Randall Skeffington- Mark’s room mate, who became a zombie because of pursuing a lady. He frequently loses his body part and looks for replacements; also, Randall is extremely horny but his penis has its own mind (sometimes it would runaway from Randall’s trouser). He always uses Mark’s stuffs without permission.


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Callie Maggotbone-A HOT succubus. A half demon/half human daughter of devil and a human mother. She is Mark’s immediate superior  and… moody girlfriend. She hates Mark for being so sensitive and soft, but she love it when he talk about how harsh and violent she is. Her devil father asks her to marriage to the another demon: Twayne Boneraper; because of that it can lead to the end of the world. However, she still deeply loves Mark. Additionally … the most exciting thing to her is torturing his boyfriend…


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Twayne Boneraper- the Director of New York’s Department of Integration. He comes from a prestigious family and super rich. But he is a Momma’s boy who is often shown to be a child at heart. A sissy demon may be the best definition of him. 



Leonard Powers- Mark’s colleague, a frustrate wizard. He is an alcoholic who always throws the files out of the window and extremely replies on Mark to cover his job. He knows magical tricks which brings many troubles to him and… his friends. 


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Francis Grimes-the head of Department of Integration’s Law Enforcement Division. He has not sympathy to the new immigrants to NYC resulted from the species had left him physical scars. Violence is the way he used to apply to solve the problem. 



The character who I love most !!!

Doug- a very timid humanoid KOALA; some people call him “Koala man”. He never talks, has no penis (I don’t know why…), and usually seen in the background. Always be bullied by other classmates. Doug is a sentimental guy and extremely cute who always over-enjoys his own imagination. In fact, he was a dangerous killer before. Sometimes he shows his assassin skills when provoked by someone. Moreover, he gets lost easily and  his dream is to fly. 🙂


©Devin Clark

There are still a lot of species in this animation such as fish man, great brain, Martin (a two head worm), etc. It is absolutely necessary to check them out!



UGLY AMERICANS is a comedy with a stitch-busting dark humour. I am strongly suggests everyone who loves dark humour like me must to watch this cartoon. HOWEVER!!! there is no more episode because of the finance problem. They said that there may have another series via Internet (finger cross). Their news are still updating on the Facebook and you may visit the author of Ugly Americans (Devin Clark) via tumblr. See you in New York !

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