Your Teammate Kay


A picture is worth a thousand words -Anonymous

I used to show my feelings via pictures instead of words. To me, photos compared  with words are easier to me to deliver my ideas and deep thought, in addition, I take photos to track my life. Although I was a visual design student, I am not good at drawing. Because of that I like to cooperate with people who have design skills. “Your teammate Kay” may be the first co-creation artwork. This project is mainly about a collection of images which related to me. These images co-created by people who have collaborated with me. Each of the participant is asked to pick one piece of a picture, imitate the shape in the piece and explain why it is related to me. With the final outcome, I can discover a new recognition of me.


1. I pick one of my portrait and divide it into 25 pieces with numbers in order.

Kay portrait number

2. Brief to the interviewers and explain the concept.

3. Ask the interviewers to pick one piece from 1 to 25.

4. Interviewers have to imitate the shape in the piece they chosen and explain the concept

5. Collect all the pieces from interviewers and convert a new picture.


During the process, many interesting things happened. For example, friends with graphic design background focus on using point, line and plane to make up the layout (as four pictures below), a friend as a copywriter in Taiwan explains the concept in poetic Chinese which is really hard to me to translate into English and my flatmate who has artistic personality describes his concept by this sentence: it just follows my instinct. Those interviews spend me a lot of time to make them under control.


After keeping disturbing my friends in person or via Internet for this artwork. Many misunderstandings and negotiations occur in the process. Finally, there are three characteristics of me which are summarized from friends’ concepts: mysterious, childish and interesting, which sound like a funny character in animation. As well as my friends and I co-create a amazing artwork with colourful pattern, incredible items and surprising concept. 🙂

Kay portrait_co-creation-01



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