Fun Fun and Fun

An excellent design is to make things better for people and… FUN! 🙂

Funny stuff always catches people’s eye as well as makes people to spend their time on them. Let me introduce you an interesting marketing campaign of Ford motors company:

In crowded city, drivers constantly try to find a parking space, by all means, fit into a free one. They take it as a opportunity to promote their new technology Active Park Assist, which can help drivers park their cars easily. So they create a huge pinball arcade over a free parking space…

© Ford Motors Company

On the other hand, how about make things much better? Another car company, Volkswagen, which encourages people to design innovative ideas to change people’s behaviour for the better environment by holding a competition: Fun theory award. They believe that the easiest way to make people willing to change their behaviour is making them as simple as fun. Here are some great projects in this campaign:

Bottle Bank Arcade

Less glass is recycled in Germany because there is on any money in return. Can we change this attitude by making audiences smile rather than giving them physical awards?


The Speed Camera Lottery

How can we get more people to follow the speed limit on the road? A tiny gamble game sounds like a good idea.


The World’s Deepest Bin

Some people never know how to correctly throw litter into the bin (People in London even don’t know how to deal with gum litter… ). This project provides a interesting point which increases interactions people and bins.


People are stubborn and lazy. It is hard to change people’s behaviour since the violation will be fined (how many times you were yelled at by mom because of the same mistakes…). However, it doesn’t mean that those things are unchangeable. For exceptional results, you may try to provoke their interests, to make them smile, and then things are become more acceptable. 🙂




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