Final dragon’s den

On twenty-seventh March, we had final dragon’s den to compete with all the young enterprise teams in Kingston university which is a nervous and exciting event to the MACErs. All the MACErs had kept practising for the final battle.

But, I got a serious headache on that day…


Yes, I dressed up a suit, but feeling really ill! (maybe it just showed how nervous I was… )

Afterwards, the dragon’s den began…


le petit sac was the forth team on that day. After hundreds of practices, we did good in the pitching. There are something we learned  from this. For example, we need to react appropriately when others challenge the product and some revises should be done in the future which are better stitching and making the clutch more easier to transform to a fancy bag. When the tough task finished… we feel so relaxed. 🙂


After the final DRAGON’S DEN, Kingston university picked ten teams to have another 2 minutes pitching to all the judges and other participants. And the MACErs got three tickets to attend the second round: HERO, Helping hand and… le petit sac! Of course we have prepared for the second round:

le petit sac in Kingston university

It was a fresh experience to had another really quick pitching in a short time. I think one task in this pitching is just to show our USP (unique selling point); the other one is… to make the audiences LAUGH 🙂 (it is usually my main job). One idea is enough to the audiences who already had a tiring day. In addition, presenting in a humorous way dose not mean you should like a joker. On the contrary,  you should looks serious and confident (I already tried my best and hope the outcome is good enough). By observing other teams, I found that as a young entrepreneur, flexibility in choosing your clothes and the style of presentation is crucial. For example, le petit sac is a luxurious brand. We dressed up with the red handkerchief to match our product (we apply red to all of the images in branding) as well as another team is selling the book for kids. Colourful wear and vivid pitching style is suitable to the product for children. Dressing formally is no longer the only option. 🙂





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